Imaging 411

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    EPM Service Celebrating

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    Alternative Technology Solutions

    EPM Service is a VAD that offers unique products and services designed to provide resellers with a competitive advantage during highly competitive times.

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    Reduce Service Costs

    Save money on your annual Kodak, Fujitsu, Bell & Howell, Canon and Panasonic scanner service contracts by switching to EPM Service.

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    An EPM Company

    EPM Service offers maintenance contracts, T&M services and consumables on all Canon, Minolta and Kodak micrographics equipment

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    Zeutschel Zeta Book Scanner

    Introducing the Zeutschel Zeta Book Copier. Scanners never looked better, neither did your scans.



  • Maintenance Plans If you own a Kodak, Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, Canon or other document scanner, you are probably paying too much for your annual service contracts. You have options the manufacturer does not want you to know about. EPM Inc has been providing quality on-site scanner maintenance since 2003. Read More

  • Zeutschel ZetaBridging the gap between expensive production-level book and large format scanners. The Zeta is Ideally suited for walk-up patrons, records management operations, low-end archival preservation and those who don't require back-office production functionality. Read More

  • Wicks & WilsonThe Scanstation range of micro film scanning products provide the ultimate in high speed conversion of microfilm to digital data.
    Solutions are available for all formats; roll film, microfiche and aperture cards and on-demand microform units. Read More

  • Inotec scamax

    InoTec SCAMAXThe German manufactured InoTec high-speed SCAMAX document scanners offer speed, value and nominal maintenance requirements. Inotec utilizes innovative technologies that ensures reliable, high performance scanning with even the most difficult documents. Read More